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Media / Re: Samurai Jack
« Last post by jdb1984 on Today at 07:59:50 am »
I have a theory that I've been thinking about.

You know that glowing pit where the sword fell?  I think it may be a time portal that neither AKU or Jack is aware of.  Maybe, in one of the final episodes of the season, he'll either jump in to retrieve his sword and go back to the past, or find the spot where the time portal happened to drop his sword in the present.

Whether he ends up in his time, or another time even more into the past, is up for debate.  Maybe he becomes his own father and is the one to seal Aku, then trains his son/himself to fight, and his younger self is the one that fights Aku in the pilot.
Spam / Re: Make your favorite game sound terrible
« Last post by Vay on Today at 06:44:02 am »
You can be anyone, but you have to join an order by drinking the blood of demons, and might die doing this anyway. On the bright side you can pick up loads of friends but some of them might leave you if you don't say the right things.

You're an existential pit of good character development and writing, but this is disguised in goofy cartoon style design and the inability to save your SUPERPOWERS for another fight if they get triggered.

Media / Re: The Anime & Manga Thread (Almost) Anything goes!
« Last post by Mirage Seraph on Today at 04:32:14 am »
Stop reminding me that I have so somehow find time to watch Little Witch Academia...

Gotta say these last few episodes of Hyouka are probably my favorite bits so far. 2 episodes left to go, that said.

Also good god they're really making an anime of that stupid horse girl racing derby game.

And you know I'm going to be a consistent degenerate and watch it.
Spam / Re: Chit Chat Thread LXV: Not So Sunny (And Serious) Edition.
« Last post by ムサシ on Today at 12:05:39 am »
*goes to bed*
Spam / Re: Rate the avatar above you!
« Last post by Derpy's Hubby, Methuselah on Yesterday at 09:29:59 pm »

Is it just me or does Captain America look kind of... busty?

How dare you give the latest avatar from my favorite member a seven!

I'm your favorite member? :raritydress:
Media / Re: The Anime & Manga Thread (Almost) Anything goes!
« Last post by Grim Noire on Yesterday at 08:01:46 pm »
Two waifus on one cover. I love how bored Akko looks. XD

Spam / Re: Make your favorite game sound terrible
« Last post by Stranger on Yesterday at 05:54:24 pm »
You play as an engineer who had a really bad day at work, to the point the poor fellow becomes demented.

You have no friends, everything wants to kill you in horrible ways, and those alive who aren't disgusting space-zombie aberrations are mad or evil people.
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