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Media / Re: Overwatch
« Last post by Stranger on Today at 02:19:35 PM »
I am going to try it out in the free weekend coming up, as I am quite interested in the game, so should I like what I see I will make use of the sale. I wanted to play it a lot when it was first announced at Blizzcon, and made the original thread for it, also was quite disappointed to receive my invite for the weekend beta only to find out I couldn't run it on my PC.

I had since upgraded it though, and I am confident I can run it well this time. Is there anything a new player should watch out for? I know the game gets content pumped in faster than I can keep track of, and I do remember TF2 had a lot of weird shit and some concepts to understand, dunno if that rubbed off in this game too.
got to love a pony pile
Spam / Re: Chit Chat Thread LXV: Not So Sunny (And Serious) Edition.
« Last post by ムサシ on Today at 09:17:43 AM »
Morning everypony.
Season 7 / Re: 7x07 - Parental Glideance
« Last post by Northern Verve on Today at 08:22:41 AM »
First, Dash's original father looks to be her new dad's exact twin brother. And yeah they were very likeable but would had been nice to see them and Dash actually talk, you know, character and family building.  :(

They did talk though :P

Not just the locker room scene but Rainbow talked to them directly right before that private apology Wonderbolt show
Introductions / Re: Hey there!
« Last post by Leni Loud on Today at 07:22:13 AM »
Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay!
Introductions / Re: Hey there!
« Last post by shadesmaclean on Today at 02:16:13 AM »
Belated welcome, Craigieboy!  :lol:
Introductions / Re: Hey there
« Last post by shadesmaclean on Today at 02:14:53 AM »
Belated welcome, Cloggedone!  :D
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