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That's one sassy Chikorita.

Speaking of Chikoritas...

Friendship is Magic General Discussion / Re: MLP:FiM Cute Images Part II
« Last post by jdb1984 on Today at 11:48:17 AM »
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Also got my very first Ever After High dolls today at Value Village!

They're so pretty! Briar Beauty is the one on the left, Madeline Hatter is the one on the right. I need to get a wall shelf for Monster High and Ever After High dolls so I have a nice spot to display them. At the moment I just have them sit on the edge of my night stand.

Madeline is a character who I knew I wanted a doll of for a few months now, I love her purple and mint (?) hair colors a lot! I think I'm going to start an army of her eventually when I have more space for these dolls, since a lot of her dolls have really great outfits! She's probably my favorite EAH girl so far.

As for Briar, the dress of this doll of her caught my eye when I was browsing the dolls while thrifting, the flower pattern on it is very beautiful! I also like the teal added to her hair.
May have found a handmade Pinkie plush at the Goodwill today?

She has no tag, nor anywhere that appears to be where a tag is cut, she's very chibi (or perhaps is supposed to be a filly?), and has letters embroidered on one of her hooves. Plus I don't see any plush that looks like this on MLP Merch. Truly a mystery.
Media / Re: The Anime & Manga Thread (Almost) Anything goes!
« Last post by Mirage Seraph on Yesterday at 02:10:31 PM »
So Steins;Gate 0 release date is out. Spring/April start date. Boku no Hero also starts on Spring.

Look I'm really excited for Winter and all but can we just skip to Spring and get the Winter schedule once we're done with Spring's?

That Inuyashiki climax though... Couldn't have asked for a better episode, barring some CGI drawbacks. Still got an episode left too.

Admittedly I've never seen dumber anime characters than those two girls at the end of the episode though.
Media / Re: Your perfect video game
« Last post by Leni Loud on Yesterday at 01:46:51 PM »
For me, the story has to be exciting, without it trying too hard to be exciting. An open-world sandbox game is something I like. Where you have an objective to advance the plot, but the plot waits for you. In games like Fallout, or GTA; you can go right into a mission to advance the story, or you can just d-ck around in the world; exploring.

The music needs to be gripping. Again, not trying too hard to make you listen, but some tracks need to be the short little diddies you get stuck in your head. The characters have to have some sort of character development; they can't be as a flat as cardboard (looking at you, basically every character in Pokemon X/Y). But, in the extreme; they can't be these tightly-wadded walking polygons. Make the characters emotional, exciting, engaging. Make them memorable (preferably for the right reasons).

The controls need to be easy to pick-up and play, but also be flexible. They can be good for any person; whether they're just getting into video games, or they are a seasoned gamer. The difficulty of the game should also be flexible. Make it easy for new gamers, but not insultingly easy. But also, make it challenging, but not too challenging; or the game becomes a complete turnoff. Now, there are people who truly appreciate a truly hard challenge, and those people should have the ability to play the game at their level of preferred challenge; but it should be a level of challenge that is not easily accessible unless they know something, like a passcode, or a specific string of button inputs.

The overworld of the game needs to be beautifully detailed. I mean using colors that pop on buildings, or even flower beds. Make the video game world feel as close to the real world as possible, unless we're talking about a game based on a show like The Simpsons or Family Guy; in which the game needs to be as close to the world of those specific shows as possible. Make us invested in continuing to play the game with a visually stunning overworld, controls that are flexible, a flexible challenge, interesting and developed characters, a memorable, earworm-like soundtrack and an emphasis on a story, but also can be completed at a gamers' leisure.
Friendship is Magic General Discussion / Re: MLP:FiM Cute Images Part II
« Last post by jdb1984 on Yesterday at 12:38:37 PM »
All I want for Christmas is some fillies, please.
Some fillies, please
Some fillies, please
All I want for Christmas is some fillies, please
Then I could wish you, "Merry Christmas"
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