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   The pieces are all lined up. Just a week or two of coding and another week of polish, and I'll be set to start shaping the world of Battle Gem Ponies! A playable version of the story mode at long last!

I'm super eager to share all the recent progress (and there was a lot) on this week's devlog, so check it out! 🎮💎🐴
Spam / Re: Chit Chat Thread LXV: Not So Sunny (And Serious) Edition.
« Last post by Leni Loud on Yesterday at 08:19:02 AM »
I used to use Photobucket, but when they started to have server problems; I jumped ship and went to another image hosting website.

I guess it's a good thing I switched image hosts when I did.
Media / Re: Animal Crossing
« Last post by Luigi on Yesterday at 07:41:59 AM »
Also Rover froze my game as he was leaving. Good way to end off this "fun" event. :monster:

I guess if there's anything I did like about the event, it's all the essence I got. Thanks to that, I have every top-tier amenity now and can get all my villagers to Lv 20.

This new event seems... okay. It seems pretty easy and probably won't take too long. And the mini ice rink and snowboard park seem cool.
Media / Re: What are You Playing? Part II
« Last post by Queen Chrysalis on Yesterday at 01:01:41 AM »
I just finished OneShot (completely) today. I wasn't as far in as I thought before.

There seriously aren't any words. If you haven't played this game or been spoiled yet, please go play it if you can.

I went and checked on Steam, and it is the 9th highest-rated game of all time. Overwhelmingly Positive, 98%.
Spam / Re: Chit Chat Thread LXV: Not So Sunny (And Serious) Edition.
« Last post by Queen Chrysalis on Yesterday at 12:56:10 AM »
I use imgur these days.

It's free and convenient, but sometimes gets overloaded. :-\
Well the CMC I was told could be around 7 to 13 while the Mane6 are in their 20s. I would mention EG but Celestia and Luna are over an 1000 years old, yet are nowhere near that old in the human world. So the ages between ponies and EG are not the same thanks to those 2.  :-\ But you could still use EG as a basis for their ages.

S1-S4 is a full year, the S4 opener confirmed this. S5-S7 I have no idea. So as of date we had a Bday for Dashie, Twi, Pinkie, and even Sweetie Belle shown within the seasons at least once.

That's fair. Thank you very much.
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