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Author Topic: Post Random FiM Art Here!  (Read 83844 times)

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November 15, 2017, 01:31:07 PM
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Funny, I originally meant to get back to this shortly after I created them, but "shortly" ended up being about 4 years.  :lol: Go figure...  :-\



(And, of course, since it's Pinkie Pie, there had a be a Wild Waste reference in there.  :monster: )
-Standing backwards, Scoot.

December 08, 2017, 06:17:47 AM
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 kinda wish I had this fleshed out in time for Halloween, because the concept's been kickin' around in my head for a while, but it proved bigger than I thought, ultimately becoming a two-parter in spite of my efforts to trim it down. Though originally inspired by "Candle Cove" this one also owes a lot to "IT" (and just about any other Stephen King story about childhood terrors turning out to be real  :-X ) as well as the Twilight Zone / Outer Limits, and just about anything else with a creepy plot twist at the end...


PINKIE PIE: So, anypony got any spooky stories to tell by candle light?

RAINBOW DASH: Yeah, does anypony else remember a weird film called "Lantern Landing"?

TWILIGHT: "The eerie light at the bottom of the steps... Flickering behind the door, leading into basement depths..."

PINKIE PIE: You mean that spooooky film that came to Ponyville once...

TWILIGHT: Canterlot, too.

DASH: And Cloudsdale...

FLUTTERSHY: I remember there was always this creepy organ music that was always speeding up and slowing down...

TWILIGHT: There were always those bizarre plot twists...

FLUTTERSHY: And something dreadful always happened to the main character...

PINKIE PIE: Like the one about that donkey who just kept walking down the same repeating city street, just getting older and more depressed, while the music just kept getting more frantic...

DASH: Or sometimes they'd warn about "The Thing Behind the Fourth Wall"?

TWILIGHT: What the hay is the "fourth wall" anyway?

PINKIE PIE: Usually, it's to the east, but sometimes the north, south or west... For some reason, everypony else always seems to miss it...

TWILIGHT: Come to think of it, Shining Armor told me poked his head in once. Got there early and thought the show was over. He said we were all staring at a blank, flickering screen... I know my mother always said I had a vivid imagination, but I always thought my brother was just pulling my leg...

FLUTTERSHY: Rainbow Dash dragged me to that awful show, too...

DASH: Just tryin' to help you be less of a scaredy-pony.

FLUTTERSHY: You were scared, too, Dash.

DASH: Was not!

TWILIGHT: Why ever did they let foals watch something like that?

FLUTTERSHY:  I don't think the grownups could see it...

RARITY: It's coming for us! The Thing Behind the Fourth Wall! It knows we still remember!

APPLEJACK: Y'all ponies still up at this hour? What's the ruckus?

PINKIE PIE: Frackas.

APPLEJACK: Whatever...


SPIKE: Wake up, everypony! I think there's something outside!

FLUTTERSHY: Um, girls...

DASH: Calm down, everypony, it was just a film... Right?

TWILIGHT: Girls, I think we've got company...
-Standing backwards, Scoot.

February 06, 2018, 08:08:25 PM
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Kinda wish I'd thought of this one *before* Christmas.  :lol: Took me a while to put this all together, plus I've been on a bit of a post-holiday hiatus. My apologies to fellow Starlight Glimmer fans, feel free to blame it on the episode's own typecasting. It's what I did.  :-\
Suffice to say, Net Neutrality is going to be a bigger political issue than ever this year, so I would be genuinely surprised if this turned out to be the last project idea I had concerning it.
(features modified screencaps from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Hay, Windfall Lost, all this talk of killing Net Neutrality? Tell me, why?

Like any resource, the internet should be allowed to be sucked dry.
Why shouldn't they be able to wring
More bits out of us for the very same thing?

Now that I've made sure Net Neutrality is dead,
it's time to call it a day and go to bed...

...Who the hay are you?

I'm the Ghost of Internet Past. Let's take a little walk
'Cause the both of us, we need to have a little talk...

...but 1000's of miles of cables just gather dust in a warehouse, with no plan.
If they're too bloated and top-heavy to serve rural Equestria, then let somepony who can.

That's just something we feed investors to feel better about themselves because
nopony actually competes in Equestria, we just pay state legislators for protectionist laws.

Well, if that ain't a steaming pile of Flim-Flammin' horsepucky...
To see somepony as bright as you grow up to become some lobbyist flunky...

Let me guess...

The Spirit of Internet Present, still bringing fun and innovation!
Its promises fulfilled, in spite of spambots, trolls and vexatious litigation!

Throttling, Zero-Rating, Silos and hidden price hikes...

Just what do they think a free and open internet looks like?

Bend over, everypony, and they'll show ya!
The voice of everypony, ignored 'em, with a lack of integrity or decorum,
Their only support is astro-turfing spam-bots on the FCC forum!

Boo-hiss! We didn't sign up for this!

So, what did they do with the millions of bits in subsidies ponies already pay?

Build tollbooths and paid fast lanes on the Information Superhighway...

...broadband service denied, they took us for a ride.
In rural Equestria, Clopcast and Quirtrizon ARE the Digital Divide!

For a pile of bits, you'd break the Internet beyond repair?
Now that's some moustache-twirling cartoon villainy there...

Whoa... Don't tell me, you're...

The Ghost of the Internet's future...
Look around you, Windfall Lost, at what Net Neutrality's downfall cost...
There may be no turning back from all the lines your call crossed...

But where's all the innovation? All the opportunity and wealth?

No Internet, just fractured networks that are only out for themselves...
No innovation, just stagnation, to nopony's gain,
cannibalizing themselves and others until only 3 remain...

This is no better than Saddle Arabia or Yakyakistan!
Somepony, please! Make the Internet whole again!

Unless everypony out there starts to care a whole lot,
this future you made won't get any better, no, it's not...
-Standing backwards, Scoot.

February 06, 2018, 08:26:14 PM
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Any Twilight Zone fans in the house?  ???

Yes :monster:

I have the entire original series on DVD.
Isn't he adorable when he waddles off in anger? :rrwub                                                                               :oostare

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