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Author Topic: (FEEDBACK NEEDED) MLP Reviews  (Read 588 times)

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May 18, 2017, 05:36:33 PM
I started this channel to (besides discussing mlp) to improve my editing and voice acting skills. But it would help a lot I could could get some feedback on what exactly to improve. Here are the reviews I have done till now:

June 26, 2017, 12:50:46 AM
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So I should be so used the whole "Static avatar OC stands on side of screen while showing clips" style of video but even now it still seems...stilted. Not something you have to fix mind you just rather its so done and done again seeing more doesnt really make me feel like im seeing anything new. Again its just my perception of the whole review and analysis style of editing. I still cant believe how supported that became.

Anyway the first thing I noticed was you sounded like you had at least a mid quality mic which is great. You sounded clear and not like you were across the room. I did notice a bit of a "hiss" when you end words with "s" that was the first distracting thing I noticed. It may just be the way you speak and how the mic picks it up so you may want to check your audio levels on certain words and see if there are any audio level jumps. Otherwise its just how you speak and maybe try and be careful when recording or just accept it.

I know you just started your channel but will you be making more OC different OC poses? You had just a few with the same expression and it did seem kinda noticeable you didnt have as much..."animation" on the character as other channels but I know over time creators add more puppet expressions so thats something you can do.

Also some of the images that would appear next to the OC were a little blurry. Not sure if those were the best quality images you could get tho but most were ok.

The editing was pretty good and most cuts didnt feel like they started or ended too quickly. I did also notice you used different backgrounds in your videos and thought that was an immediate plus.

IMO its a good start with what you have. Just try to create more assets, maybe tweek your recording setup and get opinions on what sounds better. But...acceptable