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Author Topic: 6x23 - Where the Apple Lies  (Read 600 times)

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September 14, 2016, 07:27:32 AM

October 08, 2016, 04:27:44 PM
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This was a great episode, I loved it. Yes we don't see AJ's parents and we are never going to and I accept that. And after seeing the latest Equestria Girls movie last week, it is nice to see Filthy Rich back to his more likable self.

Some of my head canon theories are confirmed, Big Mac being a big talker back in the day, I don't know if I really believed that at first, but it makes sense, I wonder what happened to make him so quiet, perhaps his parents death changed him. And when she was introduced in "Crusaders Of The Lost Mark", I thought Spoiled Rich didn't come from wealth, she married into it and that is why she is concerned with being above other ponies, she is insecure of her status because she wasn't born into it. I have seen that happen before and other shows, the person who is in the wealthy important family by marriage is more of a snob than a legit blood member.

And I do get the Lady Macbeth vibe from Spoiled Milk, makes me think perhaps she is the one pulling the strings in the current story line in the comics.

Nice to see another side of Applejack, her lying so much, OMG. And no cameos by the other mane 6, it was suppose to be about the Apple family and they stuck with it, give them credit.

I guess you can also say it is about the Rich family a bit, we learn about them as well, though why can't we have Diamond Tiara to have a speaking role this season, that is the only thing holding this episode from being perfect in my opinion. The Apple family and Rich family has this history, makes me wonder why Spoiled Rich approved and maybe even encourage Diamond Tiara to bully Applebloom. Diamond Tiara she was mean to everyone, but she always specificly had more of antagonist relationship with Applebloom than anyone else, perhaps there is more to that, I have a feeling between this and "Crusaders Of The Lost Mark", Spoiled Rich doesn't care for the Apple family and was trying to mold her daughter to think that way as well.

Anyway great episode, I am trying to stay away from being spoiled by the other episodes. I want to watch the rest of the season episodes for the first time in HD and in NTSC speed.

October 08, 2016, 05:51:07 PM
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This was a really really fun episode.  It was hilarious watching the lies get bigger and bigger and more out of control.  I also liked that AJ wasn't just trying to protect her pride but was actually worried about Filly Rich not doing business with Sweet Apple Acres any more.  I don't think I would have believed her going as far as it did if it wasn't for that bigger reason to keep the lies up.

Big Mac talks a lot, lol. :lol:

Spoiled Rich's maiden name was Spoiled Milk. I love that. :D

It's interesting that we get another age phase for ponies.  Way back in season 1 all we had where adults, old ponies and young ponies.  Now we have foals, very young ponies (smaller than the CMC at around 5 years), young ponies (the CMC's age), slightly older young ponies (this episode's AJ though this was possible already shown with Big Mac and Fluttershy in Cutie Mark Chronicles) and then adult and old ponies.

Somepony should make a chart for this.

Anyway, lots of fun background stuff like new ponies, 80's hair Cheerilee, injured Derpy and the Shinning twins reference fillies. :D

So yeah I really enjoyed this episode.

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...Thus Equestria Girls is canon, so...

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October 08, 2016, 07:04:19 PM
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I just noticed something, nowhere in the flashback was Applebloom or even the parents remotely mentioned. In fact, it seems like the parents were already gone.  ??? Now, hear this out. Both AJ and Mac were talking about "one of them" taking over the farm, "not" their parents. And as AB was likely not born, is AB adopted?  :o

This is, odd. Even in the flashbacks (or the family photos) the parents are just nowhere to be seen. Are they just forgetting about the parents or, what?  :-\ I mean unless their parents own a farm outside of Ponyville or, they died and Applebloom is adopted. Why else would the oldest kids be talking about who'll run the farm and not the parents?

EVEN AT SUPPER the parents are nowhere to be seen! GUYS! IT IS OK TO REF CHARACTERS IN A FLASHBACK! What are they worried ANY MENTION would get kids to be asking where the parents are? Its a flashback to before Applebloom was even born! I think every kid in the world would be fine.  ::)

And even if you're fine with saying we'll never the parents, would showing Applebloom as a baby had ruined anything? No, now we got a possible canon moment to say AB is a adopted filly as this flashback failed to mention her or the parents at all. >_> AJ and Mac can't even mention their parents with words int hat "who'll run the farm" bits?
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