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Author Topic: 4x24 - Equestria Games  (Read 8146 times)

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May 07, 2014, 04:17:10 PM
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Not as exaggerated as having Rainbow Dash be on a relay team with Bulk Biceps and Fluttershy, with BB being retconned to be a weak flyer and Fluttershy retconned for one and a half episodes only to suddenly not have a fear of crowds or performing in front of others.

But yeah, pretty exaggerated, especially considering that, like you said, it's unnecessary and completely pointless.

Point taken. For them to win a medal in this particular event and rank higher than the griffons is really unrealistic but that was to be expected.

(Not to mention that somehow Ponyville is suddenly important enough that its mayor got one of the 11 seats in the royal box at the stadium).

Actually, I'm more surprised to see Cherry Jubilee sitting there but you're right, Ponyville is the new Canterlot.

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May 07, 2014, 06:13:22 PM
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Ah the Equestria Games...we heard about it in season 3 and waited close to around 2 years (right?) and at long last we finally got it! After Games Pony Play where the Crystal Empire got to host it, to the CMC winning the chance to carry the Ponyville flag and after the trainwreck that was Rainbow Falls...what we got what was a MIDDLE FIGURE TO THE FACE!!!! OK OK that’s a bit harsh but can you blame me? We waited since “season 3” for this one episode (spoiler gonna explain my issues before we get into the episode itself) and wanted to see the games so badly, and yet all we got was a Spike episode that’s either liked or disliked.

Um WHY IN THE WORLD would they make this a Spike episode? IT SHOULD BE A RAINBOW DASH EPISODE!!!! Or at the very least Fluttershy’s it shouldn’t be a Spike related episode, and we suffered through a episode that many fans hated which was Rainbow Falls, in it Rainbow Dash chose to be on the Ponyville team which was her family and guess what? After that GOOD LESSON, they had Spitfire BEAT RAINBOW! The writers just threw away the BIGGEST MISSED CHANCE I EVER SAW!

I’m upset we didn’t get Lightning Dust’s return and upset that Gilda didn’t return even though they had a team of Griffons that would’ve been “so perfect” for her return, but I am mostly disappointed in that they threw away the chance for Rainbow Dash to overcome her idols (this is not like Daring Don’t she didn’t need to beat Daring Do) and at long last...I don’t know how to say that but point is after Rainbow Falls Rainbow Dash shouldn’t have lost.

At the very start of this episode she tells her fellow team-mates their awesome enough to win gold but her team most likely wouldn’t, mostly because their going up against the Wonderbolts and she doubts they could beat them. What was wrong with having that as the storyline? With Rainbow and her team going through a few hardships or something I don’t know what they would do but “something” and she needed to win as she couldn’t lose, she had to throw away her fangirlness over her greatest idols in order to win.

This is by far the biggest/worse missed chance that I ever saw in my life (that I can remember), Rainbow lost to her idols which added to her not being better than them. She saved them a few times, impressed their leader more than once and SAVED EQUESTRIA WHILE THE WONDERBOLTS WASN’T AROUND and yet still had to get into their reserve which will take who knows how many years as sure countless ponies are ahead of her, this could’ve been the moment “the episode” where Rainbow Dash finally throws away her idols and defeats them overcoming her fangirl over them which pretty sure was the reason she lost, she didn’t believe she could beat them and that resulted in them losing the gold because she didn’t believe she could beat her.

OK might be going too much into it but you see my point, this could also have gotten her more respect for the Wonderbolts themselves as she just BEAT THEM IN FRONT OF COUNTLESS PONIES she proved she’s a better flyer than her greatest idols/team in all of Equestria! She finally proved herself!!!!! BUT NO INSTEAD WE GOT HER LOSING WHICH SURE WILL RESULT IN THE SAME OLD SAME OLD WONDERBOLTS SWEETING HER AS BENEATH THEM AND SHE’LL NEVER EVER PROVE HERSELF JUST BECAUSE THE WRITERS THREW AWAY THE WHOLE EQUESTRIA GAMES FOR A SPIKE EPISODE THAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF AS A SECOND EPISODE TAKING PLACE AT THE SAME EXACT TIME UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................

Breathe Cody just breathe….ugh….sorry for that but I am “so” disappointed in this episode in that it had so many missed chances, part 2 to Rainbow falls, being like Just For Sidekicks and Games Pony Play to where we get both and still keep this episode, the returns of Rainbow’s 2 rivals, Rainbow finally at long last proving herself better than her idols and above all else, the entire games themselves. This episode is the greatest let down out of all of frienship is magic almost, while it is or not I don’t know but feels like it could be it just had so much build up so much going into it but it just threw “every single thing it had away” for no reason at all, and what’s worse it made Rainbow Falls nearly 100% USELESS!

If it didn’t had that accursed key we could delete it from FIM history completely and nothing would change, this episode THREW AWAY what that episode built up with Rainbow’s character and her lesson as well as what happen to the Wonderbolts. It just completely threw it away for no reason at all, so if it didn’t have the key (starting to think/feel it had the key just so the staff could troll us with it knowing it isn’t on us rewatch list and more so after this episode) it would be the most useless woulds be more useless than the most useless FIM character Flash that’s how useless/pointless this episode made Rainbow Falls, if it didn’t have Rainbow’s key….

*Sighs* Well I raged/ranted enough I better get on with the episode itself, I just needed to express my anger and disappoint before we got into it, it would be much more clearer and contained and focused on the episode itself if I got this out of the way now. So before I go on with my feelings on with how disappointed I am, let’s get into what I think is a good Spike episode just sad it came at the cost of the biggest disappointment in the entire show for me but anyways let’s start.

The episode starts on a train as Rainbow is excited about the games, we see ponies working out/training even the CMC are training a bit as Spike is counting the bags. Rainbow gives a small speech if it could be called one, telling them to be awesome and win lots of stuff and medals, this is also where she tells them she doesn’t believe/think her team (which has Derpy?) could beat the Wonderbolts…..the writers made it seemed as if it’ll be a Rainbow Dash episode but nope it was just a small “Ha-ah” fake out, really it was sorta pointless in terms of the episode but guess we’ll be madder if she never got a line/reffing the other now useless episode.

After exiting Scootaloo asks Spike about their flag and he tells them about how when he starts to panic he counts to ten, SUDDENLY CHRYSTAL GUARDS KIDNAPS HIM! OK just kidding. XD They just picked him up (new guard color btw) and took him to Cadance (is it Cadance or Cadence with an e? I like spelling it with the a) and Twilight. Turns after the season 3 opener Spike is the hero of their empire even to the point of having a statue of himself, YES! THANK YOU GOD AND CELESTIA LUNA DISCORD CHRYSALIS WHOEVER I GOT TO THANK! Thank you for having Spike as a hero he so deserves it after all he been through season 1 through now, so from the bottom of my heart “thank you”.

They now call him...The Honorable Spike The Brave And glorious, is that the right way to say it? Anyways they offer him the chance to be the very first dragon in history to light the fire to start the games, ah I’ll miss Ms.Harshwhinny after this, she’s a joy to watch and hoping she’ll make at least a few cameos but yeah gonna miss her. Anyways Spike upon trying to light the fires...gets extreme stage fright unable to do so and before I go on, the royal ponies gets thrones all together and Twilight gets one by Celestia.

Also in the same exact spot are Fancy Pants and his wife, and *cough* his son *cough* Blueblood nice seeing him again now maybe he’ll return with a speaking role and redeems himself, the Mayor from Ponyville, the pony Applejack was working for when she failed to win blue ribbons, the two horses we saw at the end of Magic Duel and four new characters hoping we’ll see later. Back to Spike he can’t get calm enough as his counting to ten made it worse and everypony was starting to panic/worry (oh forgot we got to see the CMC’s flag carrying before this and after Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Snowflake/Bulk Biceps flew out Derpy was right behind them but...thought only three ponies could be on their team? Granted we could’ve been cut away before the rest of Ponyville’s team came out but gotta  wonder, what event was she going to do?) and Twilight secretly lit the fire for him.

Later when telling him (he thought he lit it with his mind. XD I even at one point said “no Spike you can’t light fires with your mind you're not Humdrum” which was very out of place) he gets very very depressed, he asked Ms.Harshwhinny if he could do anything for the games but as she walks off she said “celebrities, soon you’ll be wanting to put on a rock concert” (again I’ll miss her) which gets him the idea when Rainbow’s event was over to sing the national anthem for Ponyville, which sadly as the Wonderbolts won (.....I already expressed enough anger on this but maybe they only won JUST TO GIVE Spike the following scene which makes me hate it EVEN MORE!) and they only play the national anthem for the winners and Spike never even heard the Cloudsdale national anthem so...yeah you see what’s coming up next.

Btw, are all the Wonderbolts members only from Cloudsdale? Probably not but the way Shining Armor said his line and the fact the members for this event are only Wonderbolt members, just made me think but sure they have members from all over Equestria but the way Shining Armor said it made it sound like their “mostly” from Cloudsdale. Anyways instead of doing something else Spike tries singing and fails so hard to the point this is very hard to watch….even a baby cries at the end! Altho funny reactions and Pinkie enjoyed it to the point of saying “Nailed it!~” ah Pinkie Pie we love you. XD

This gets Spike so depressed he hides in his room for as the CMC puts it, most of the games. Aren’t the Equestria Games based from the Olympic Games which happens once every four years (even though there’s more than one type of the games like winter and summer) and last for at least a few weeks? How long did the games last and how come this was noticed just now? Couldn’t be more than a couple days long one or two at most if Twilight just now notices he’s hiding, back to the games or lack there of we FINALLY get to see a game. Only saw Rainbow’s team’s race and this event the entire games, it’s where ponies try to shoot arrows at targets and the first to completely freeze theirs solid wins. Ponyville is winning the medal count by one medal but as they had no pony in this event (I honest thought this would be where Spike redeems himself) and I can’t honestly understand why they don’t, Cloudsdale has two freaken members down there which should be a BIG NO NO so if either of them places they are tied or win the entire games, nice Pinkie freak out though.

Twilight goes and gets Spike to attend the games altho why she took them to the field itself I don’t know maybe so he could watch but not get seen? Anyways as he’s about to leave again an Earth pony trips and shoots an arrow to a cloud freezing it solid with it falling to the crowd who ran away. First, wasn’t it night? Why was there clouds there at night at all? Writer GET CREATIVE!!!!! You before in a scene with Rarity had a very creative way to have the Unicorns unable to use magic (you added that scene at the last moment just to give justice as to why they didn’t help, didn’t you?) so you can be creative at least had this event during the day so we could say “uh maybe it was there to keep the sun out of their eyes?” but as it was night it had no reason to be there other than to have Spike melt it.

Anyways the flyers even Spitfire tried to push it to the field but couldn’t (I can sorta buy that the princesses didn’t help mostly because by where they were, they didn’t have enough time to help and Spike reacted faster but Twilight was right there with Spike...heard the comics explained why Celestia or the other princesses never helped out but they're the leaders they need to act otherwise their the worse kind of leaders, cowards/lazy) and Spike jumped to action melting it (I failed to mention this in last week’s episode, appears Spike had a second orange fire breath that can melt a metal lock) and created a small rain spell.

Everypony cheered for him even the princesses thanked him, altho he’s still disappointed in himself which gets Twilight to finally understand what’s really wrong. She asks what it’ll take for Spike to stop being disappointed in him and he asked if she could rewind time which Cadance said they couldn’t, even though they could as seen in It’s About Time but guess she doesn’t know about that time traveling spell but YES you can rewind time in a sense. She does however offer him to light the fireworks in her place in the closing ceremony, by the way I’m guessing the last event was canceled and no pony won a medal as Ponyville (nice silver medal RD and Fluttershy has) won the medal count AND THE ENTIRE GAMES!

Anyways Spike lights the fireworks and we probably get one of the best morals/lessons with Spike feeling happy again, well that’s the story and it was very nice but now my overall thoughts. I think this episode was a nice Spike episode, I’m still terribly disappointed about all the build up (OMG this is that accursed Starswirl book all over again!!!!! BUT WORSE!!!!!) that was wasted and everything that could’ve happen but were missed or thrown away. Also why was there a freaken cloud at night? That was only there to give Spike another hero moment, why didn’t the animators made it day instead of night?

Didn’t need to be the last event either but a cloud during night that just so happens to turn into a ice cloud of death, screams lazy writing/not thinking fully. Btw where was Discord? Another missed chance having Discord appear, pretty sure he wasn’t left in charged in Canterlot so where was he? Overall this made a very nice and enjoyable Spike episode IF….if you take away/overlook all the stuff they wasted/threw away, overlooking those this is one of Spike’s best episodes just sad it came at the cost of something that some fans would dislike the episode for.

The animation was nice and another reason why it’s sad/disappointing we never got to see the Games itself, can you just imagine what the animators could do with this type of setting? Granted they wouldn’t have enough time to fully show it (2 parters hello?) but aw well, the moral is probably of the best morals of the show/season so far. It was nice revisiting the Empire and seeing at least one new game from the whole event, what else to say?

I don’t really know. XD Overall I enjoyed this episode, and hope next time Spike gets a episode that doesn’t cost us this amount of build up again. Well next Saturday is the season 4 final (dang coms spoiled bits of it…didn’t they get into trouble for the amount of season 3 spoilers?) and just heard Equestria Girls will be getting a spinoff, may review that as well but for now…gonna be one heck of a season final and wait until season 5 (which is confirmed) so see you all next episode!

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May 08, 2014, 11:09:57 AM
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Actually the last time he was their was in Just For Sidekicks/Games Ponies Play if you want to get technical and really this is reaching.

Yes, but nopony knew he was there. Except for the CMC, who didn't say anything to him. How are they to comment on things that they didn't know about? Which is why it's so telling that Twilight herself also said "last time," as there would be no way at all for her to not know if EqG actually happened.

Cadance was obviously just using the term "last time" as a general reference to a definitive statement of chronological fact. :-\

That's quite a stretch. You say "earlier," "before," or something to that effect, not "last time" which refers to a single time in the past, specifically the one directly before this time. That's the only thing that you could refer to as "obviously" as the most obvious meaning of words is what the words actually mean.
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May 09, 2014, 12:40:38 PM
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Oh wow how did I forget to post here. Oh wait I know, was too caught up in a new video game to (Zelda).

But wow this episode, woooooooow, as a huge Spike fan, and huge lover of the morals in this show, this episode was everything I love about FiM and more. Spike's conflict was incredibly relatable and I was behind him the entire time, his character was very well done and I loved seeing everything he goes through and seeing his many insecurities and different sides. And then the moral, the moral aaaaaaaaaaaah. It's always a treat when FiM has morals I can strongly relate to and really get me thinking on my life, and it's always a very rare treat when FiM has a moral I don't see coming at all, and yet makes perfect sense and ties everything together, and wow, the moral here was all that and more.

I thought at first the episode would be about Spike conquering his insecurities and fears when lighting the flame, drawing a parallel I've always thought he had with Fluttershy with his shyness. But then Twilight lit the flame and I then thought we would have another episode about lying and being honest like in Inspiration Manifestation, which would also touch on Spike's difficulty with facing his friends and just being strong due to him being a weak little dragon. But then Twilight was the very mature parent/older sister/whatever figure and told Spike the truth, something I didn't expect but loved for showing development for her and how the 2 of them have such a deep trusting relationship, or at least that's what I took from it.

After that I had absolutely no idea what the moral was going to be. Spike embarrassing himself though was so crushing and man seeing him sad really brought me down, wonderful moment. I especially liked how he deals with sadness by moping alone with his feelings, very relatable and I think that also says a lot about him. And then when the great climax came (and that ice arrow was so subtlety and well done by telling us how it works with relation to the competition, while also letting us know what it will do when it hits the cloud, brilliant writing), I was expecting the confidence moral to come back, how it would be Spike learning to be confident and not so scared to be himself, but then.......that moral, oh man that moral.

This is how you do a moral. I didn't see it coming at all and it completely took me by surprise. And yet as it was said everything made sense, and suddenly I could relate to Spike more then I ever have. And when that beautiful moral was read out loud at that sweet sweet ending, geez, I was moved so much I just broke down and started crying. It was so beautiful and sweet, and just a reminder of why I love and relate to Spike's character so so much, and god, I love it so much when FiM has moments like these. ♥

Random gush of emotion aside, ah I love how the moral connects everything. Spike is constantly doing all the things that led him to those tough situations that drove his insecurities mad because he was so insecure himself, and couldn't love himself. Even though everyone in the Crystal Empire was nice to him and saw him as good, he was the only one who couldn't, and that's what led to every single event of this entire episode. And whenever Spike messed up or failed the events, the mane 6 and other attendants never minded it much and forgave him. But Spike wallowed in his sadness so much only because of one thing, himself.

What I really love about this moral is that it isn't just a great moral in and of itself, but it fits Spike character perfectly. See, one thing I've always found fascinating about Spike, is that his morals and general journeys tend to focus on himself much more then the mane 6. In Secret of My Excess Spike didn't overcome his greed through his friends, but it was a realization and struggle he had to do on his own. Same with Dragon Quest, in which no matter how much the mane 6 told Spike he was their friend and family regardless of whether he's a pony or not, he could only go back to them once he himself accepted this and learned it's okay to be different. Spike I've always thought had a stronger sense of self then the mane 6, and so as a result he's more prone to paranoia and fears that he believes, and that it can be harder to help him, since he has such a strong core and sense of who he is and who he has to be for everyone.

So this moral matches perfectly with him for that, and shows how Spike, perhaps due to being the only dragon in a society of ponies, often feels different and alone from the others, which I speculate created this strong sense of self he has, so he's always seeing himself a certain way, with difficulty to see it any other way, unless those close to him can really see his core and give him the advice he needs most of all, as we saw in this episode. Or at least, these are some of the many many thoughts that went through my head when I finished this episode, and boy do I love it when episodes do that. I think this might be my new favorite Spike episode, or is at least up there with Secret of My Excess, but man, what a great way to end things on, ah Spike. <3

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September 27, 2015, 09:58:42 AM
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I'm now expecting a tweet from Cathy Weseluck saying something like "they didn't actually tell me what the tune would be before we were recording and it played in my headphones".
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